This is a Post I don’t want to Write

A little less than two weeks ago I had to got through the unfortunate experience of laying my Mother-In-Law to rest.  What a completely different experience than when my own parents passed, but for different reasons that you might think.

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When I picked my wife up from her house and met her mom the first time it didn’t really go very well.  The first few weeks of our relationship took place at summer camp so it was almost a month of us being together before I actually came to her house and picked her up for a date.  I’m a pretty shy person until I get to know someone, although some people may say the opposite.  I don’t recall really saying anything to my future Mother-In-Law, but when I asked my wife about it a couple of days later she mentioned that her mom wasn’t very impressed, or didn’t like me.  I was 19 and this was the first time I had dated a woman to the point on meeting her parents so I didn’t know how to act or what to expect.  Over time I’m pretty sure that she tried to convince my wife to leave me.  I deserved it, I didn’t do anything to change her mind in the early years of our relationship.  I know that as my wife and I both grew up and changed, so did my Mother-In-Law’s opinion of me.

About ten months ago she called my wife and asked her to accompany her to a doctor appointment to have some tests done on some abdominal pain.  My wife immediately thought the worst, I think we all did.  We were right to think the way we did, and we were all correct about the diagnosis, she had developed stage one pancreatic cancer.  The doctor was pretty sure it had been identified early enough that removal and maintenance chemo should take care of it.  This was news to me, because until before this I was under the impression that pancreatic cancer was basically a death sentence.  I understand it now can be controlled similar to diabetes.  She was up for the fight, as I figured she would be, since she had already beaten cancer once in her life.  My Mother-In-Law was a very tough woman in many ways.

After many months of treatment and some other problems that developed, we think from the treatment, Barbara Miller was called home to God on June 23, 2018.  This was a shock.  My wife had just brought her home from a chemo treatment the day before and she was in good condition.  Through her whole treatment she was still eating well, there were a couple of times we had meals with her and it was not uncommon for her to eat as much as I did.  Her appetite was still there.   We knew her time was limited, but we thought we would have a few months yet.  It was a shock to say the least.  We know now that she is now longer suffering, no longer having to be strong and fight.  She is at peace.

This experience with her death is different from what I went through with my own parents.  The obvious difference is that I would go through a different set of emotions than I did with their passing.  I loved Barb, but it goes without saying that this was a different level than what I had with my parents.  The biggest difference in her passing compared to my own parents is my understanding of death.  With the strengthening of my faith I’ve come to a better understanding of what death is all about.  I processed this death from a much different perspective than I did with my own parents.  I’m pretty sure I still would have processed their passing with the same outward emotions that I did, but the everything that I processed internally would have been vastly different.

I haven’t stopped praying for my Mother-In-Law since she passed away.  The prayers I say for her now are for different reasons.  I hope by these prayers she knows that I will do everything I can to make sure that her daughter is comforted as well.  I have to make sure my wife makes it to Heaven so that she can be reunited with her mother as well as with Him.  I have to do this, I don’t have any other option.  This is what I’m called to do.  There has been few things as clear to me in my life as this.  I cannot fail.

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Rest in peace Barb.  Thank you for everything you were able to do for my family while you were with us.


This Post is Overdue

May 24, 2018 v5 p9

I haven’t been posting as regularly as I have in past, and at first I wasn’t sure why.  I think I may have figured out the reason.

Over the course of my blogging I’ve written about a wide range of topics.  I started doing this to write about sports.  Journalism is what I was planning to study when I went off to college.  He had different ideas in mind for me, and I’m thankful for that.  I wrote mainly about University of Michigan football to start, my favorite sport.  That was pretty much because it was the middle of the season when I started.  After that I wrote some about other sports, but didn’t get quite the same response.  Every once in a while I would venture off to a different topic.  Some of them that I have written about include parenting, family life, and leadership.  It was some of my posts on leadership that other people started to pick up with more regularity.  I could see that I needed to branch out to more than sports on a regular basis.

One area I decided to start sharing in was my faith.  It wasn’t too long after I started this hobby that my wife and I returned to the Catholic Church.  When I look back on the statistics, it’s those posts about my faith journey that have received the most clicks/views/reads.  It really isn’t even close for the rest of the categories I write about.  I realized that this may be where my voice needs to be heard.  I still enjoy writing about University of Michigan football, but when I post things about that I don’t expect much response.  That part of my audience has actually become pretty small.  Most of the discussions about those posts come on my personal social media sites.  I’m not supposed to be a sports journalist.  I’m OK with that.

My faith has become the number one part of my life.  I can’t get enough.  I want learn more.  There are some times when I wish I could go back to myself in middle school and convince myself that I was already headed down the wrong path.  I do my best to live my faith out in my everyday life.  I hope the people around me see it.  I want nothing more than to be able to help them experience what I have experienced.  I realize that a lot of people don’t think they need God in their life.  That’s totally understandable.  That’s also why He gives free will.  The ability to choose to follow Him, or to follow our own wants.

I have asked people for a response to my posts, but often don’t get one.  I don’t know if that’s because people think I’m way off base, or if they aren’t willing to admit that what I’m saying has some worth.  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve come to realize that most likely it’s neither of those cases.  When it comes to faith for most people it’s a pretty personal topic.  If they aren’t comfortable sharing their own faith, within their own lives, then why would they share it in mine?  I know I’ve been guilty of that myself.  I have been able to share on this platform, but when it comes to sharing it with other people in a face-to-face setting, I tend to clam up.  In the men’s prayer group I’ve started going to at my church I have no problem at all speaking out, it’s in those situations outside of that where I struggle.

So that’s what I’ve come up with.  I really want to share my faith.  I have a platform where I really don’t struggle to speak, I just need to utilize it better.  I’ve been putting off some changes to this blog out of fear, but I need to put my trust in Him that it will show if I’m making the right changes.  Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for more from me.

St. Francis is often accredited with saying, “Go out and preach the Gospel, if necessary use words,” but nobody can confirm that.  I’ll just stick with Mark 16:15, And he said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation.”


This Post Won’t be Read

April 24, 2018 v5 p8

If I have learned anything on this journey about myself it’s that I don’t look like everyone else.  I’ve become more OK with that fact the further along the road I get.

I see a lot of people making comments about the same things over and over.  It seems that their social media feeds never change and only have items included in them that are against what they stand for.  Well, guess what?  That’s how social media work.  The more you interact with certain types of pages or groups on their sites, the more that type of stuff will show up in your feed.  If you haven’t figured this out by now, then maybe you never will and you should probably stop using social media.  The only way to make your feed change is to change what you interact with.  If you don’t want to get into arguments about the hot topic du jour, then don’t click on articles related to that.  I’ve been pretty successful over the past couple of years at making the algorithm work in my favor.  My news feed is filled with things related to my faith, my sports interests, and not a lot of “noise.”  I used to try to grow my “friends” list as big as I could.  I realized that a lot of the people I’m connected to never have been, and probably never will be a “friend.”  What I’m looking for in a friend is what I described more in my last post.  The “snooze” and “unfollow” options on Facebook have become my friend.

One of my favorite features on Facebook is the “On This Day” page.  I find it extremely interesting to see how my habits on social media have mirrored my changes in my life.  When I initially joined back in 2008 looks completely different from what it does now.  As I look back at those posts I can remember like it was yesterday how things were going with my life.  It speaks to how my marriage was, how I was struggling with my job, and what it was like raising my kids during those times.  The reactions I have to those areas now are drastically different from they were even three years ago, when I returned to my faith.  When I was having lunch with a good friend last fall I mentioned that I can almost see all of my “connections” on social media either unfriending or unfollowing me when they read my posts.  If you look back over the past year at my timeline you will see that the majority of the things I post are related to my faith.  I used to be worried about how that made me look.  The more I’ve gotten into, the less worried I am.  My friend replied with the comment that most people probably aren’t disconnecting from me, but reading, or purposely scrolling past, and having a hard time accepting it.

I totally get that.  It hasn’t been easy to make myself look different from everyone else.  Who wants to be the one left out?  Who wants to be excluded because they look different?  One of the speakers at the men’s conference I went to in March spoke about being rejected.  If you’re truly going to live for Christ, then you’re going to be rejected.  By your friends.  Probably by your family.  Definitely by the majority of society.  I’ve come to peace with this rejection.  The more people reject me for my faith, the more I know He is still going to accept me, still going to forgive me, still going to love me.  I don’t ever see myself turning from this.  Why would I want to?  Especially now.  I’ve spent the last three years on this journey and I’ve really only scratched the surface.  One of the priests I follow is Fr. Larry Richards, if you’re connected to me on Facebook, you’ve seen his posts that I share.  He calls himself an introvert.  If you’ve ever listened to one of his talks you would laugh at that.  He is very outspoken, and some people call him mean or rough.  He says that in private he is truly and introvert, and that when he goes to speak, God sets him on fire and everyone comes to watch him burn.  This is a very apt analysis.  And as I head down this path I can feel myself getting ready to be set on fire too!

I get it, nobody wants to look different, it’s easier to just go along with everyone else.  But what has that gotten for us?  We’re in a battle.  A battle for our faith.  A battle for our beliefs.  A battle for our lives.  If you don’t believe you’re part of this battle, then you may have already lost.  As much as you say you stay out of things, the less you realize that you will be effected by what is going on eventually.  And if you don’t step up now, then what are things going to look like for our children?  Or as some of my high school classmates have to worry about already, their grandchildren?  We’re fighting a battle of faith with secular weapons.  How has that worked out over history?

I stated before, I’m not trying to convert anyone to The Catholic Church, only He can do that.  But I’m trying to do what others won’t and it’s not easy.

Then again, nothing worth doing is ever easy.

This Post is Manly

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a man.  I’m not speaking of the scientific definition that is defined by your reproductive system either.

If you go by the definition of a man that you see on social media it looks a lot different to almost everyone.  The most common definition, the one you find according to everyone posts, doesn’t match up with my definition.  That shouldn’t come to much of a surprise to me, as I’ve never really looked at things the same as everyone else has.  That has become pretty evident, especially lately as I’ve turned more to my faith.  As I’ve learned more about my faith, I’ve learned more about myself.  That has led me to where I currently am in my faith formation and my personal growth.

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That most common definition of what it means to be a man can be seen all over the place.  You see if in the entertainment world by how Hollywood glorifies sexual prowess as being manly.  You see it in the athletic world by how athletes brag about how successful they are because of how much money they have or what accolades they have received.  You see it in the business world when people brag about those same two things.  You see if in the everyday man by how boastful they are about their sexual conquests, or how much alcohol they can drink, or how many people they offended by their opinion, or by how much of a lift they have on their truck.  In reality these are all measures of how insecure a man is with himself.

In The Bible we are told that the man’s job is serve.  To serve God.  To serve his wife.  To serve his family.  None of the things in the previous paragraph show leadership.  The only thing they show is that most men really don’t think about anything else besides themselves.  That all started in Genesis with the story of the forbidden fruit.  I’ve heard a lot of men, probably myself included, make the joke about the fall of the human race is all the fault of Eve.  It was she who took the forbidden fruit from the serpent and ate it, and then gave it to Adam because she didn’t die.  And while that is true, guess who was standing right next to her when she took the fruit?  Adam.  And he said absolutely nothing to try and stop her.  When God spoke to him right after what did he say?  He passed the blame on to Eve.  Does any of that sound like he was fulfilling the duties to serve?  No.  It sounds to me like he was only thinking about himself.

As I’ve grown my faith I’ve made the decision that I can no longer be self-serving.  I have to be third.  I must put God above everything else, followed by my wife and children.  Once I have done what I can to serve those two areas, only then can I begin to worry about what I might need.  I knew a few years ago, before I started my faith journey, that I had to do whatever I needed to make sure my wife was fulfilled, and part of doing that was making sure my children had everything I could possibly give them.  I lived by the theory of “happy wife, happy life.”  I was really doing the right thing, I just didn’t have the right philosophy about it.  I have found that the more I put Him first in my service that I usually end up serving my wife and kids too.  There are things I do for Him that don’t always correlate back to my family, but there are a lot of things that do.

So you may be wondering where I’m trying to go with all of this.  I’ve been trying to figure that out myself over the past couple of months.  Earlier this month I attended a men’s conference in Grand Rapids and it started to lead me down the path I feel I need to take this whole topic.  In this society where it is the norm and almost unacceptable to have the viewpoint I have, I feel we need to make a change.  That has never been more evident than before, and it has to start with the men.  I’m not looking to argue with anyone on this, nor do I wish to get into any debates over it.  When arguments and debates happen then there must be a winner and a loser.  In a scenario where you have that you only end up with division, and that is only good for the devil.  The more we are divided among ourselves, the easier it is for him to work his ways.  If he is allowed to continue then we will not have any change and we will only continue down this path that we are already headed down.

So how do we combat this divisiveness?  We can only do that through unity.  I am looking for men who are ready and willing to make this change with me.  I don’t propose anything radical like starting a march on the capitol or some other similar type of protest.  I’m looking for a small group of men who are interested in forming some strong male friendships.  Men who are willing to make themselves third.  If a small group starts of strengthening itself then it will surely grow on its own.  I’m looking for a few MEN who would be willing to get together, probably once per month to start, to be honest with each other.  To be vulnerable to each other about where they are weak.  And most importantly to pray for one another for strength in those weak spots.  I make no effort to hide my Catholic faith, but I don’t want to limit this to just Catholics.  There’s no reason why any group of strong Christian men can be unified in the fight against Satan.  I promise to not try to convert you, because I can’t, only God can.

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Fr. Larry Richards

I’m still working on the logistics of this whole idea, but it’s something I’m feeling called to do.  If you’re interested in becoming the man that He created you to be, then please reach out.

This Post is Whispering

March 21, 2018 v5 p6

This year I set a goal to work on myself.  I needed to do this to help my family and me, here’s what I’ve figured out so far.


That blank line is exactly what I’ve determined.  The only thing I know right now is that I need to continue on this journey.  The more I started to look inward at myself, the more I realized I was doing the right thing.  I need to figure out if I’m understanding things correctly.  In 1 Kings 19 we are told the story of Elijah hearing God.  Elijah is in a cave and there is an great wind, but no word from the Lord.  That is followed by an earthquake, but no word from the Lord.  After the earthquake there was a fire, but still no word from the Lord.  Finally after the fire, in a very soft whisper, the Lord speaks to Elijah.  This story wasn’t new to me when I started this journey back in January, so I knew that I needed to find a more quiet place.  Unfortunately I live in a word that is full of nothing but noise.

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I’ve been able to narrow down a few of the whispers I’m hearing.  It’s lead me to where I am now, trying to figure out which one is the right path.  The first one would be that I’m supposed to continue on the current path I’m on.  I would stay in my current job, doing what I’ve been doing for the past two plus years.  That includes trying to lead my department through a growth spurt at our company.  The biggest obstacle I face is none of my coworkers have been through this type of growth, and honestly, neither have I.  What I do have a is great understanding of what my department is going to look like when the dust settles.  I’ve worked in a leadership position in that type of environment in the past, and at a successful level.  I can see where some areas need to be adjusted, but I’m having a hard time convincing those around me.  Some of that is due to that lack of knowledge of what we’re heading towards, and some of that is due to coworkers who aren’t receptive to change.  So do I continue with what is safe and keep being frustrated?

There hasn’t been a whisper to that yet.

Another whisper I’ve been hearing is that it may be time to move on.  This would involve starting over completely, being the low-man on the totem pole.  I’m ready to move into a leadership position in my field, but I don’t have the schooling to support my work experience.  With the job market as flooded as it currently is, I don’t really stand a chance of getting my resume past the recruiters and into the hiring mangers hands.  I have looked into returning to school and getting my degree, but for me to go through all of the undergraduate general education courses doesn’t make sense.  Taking on some debt to improve my education is only worth it if I can focus on my degree.  For me to have to take the basic 100 level courses doesn’t make sense.  I went through the process to apply but couldn’t get a straight answer about those classes until I submitted an application.  As soon as I did that I was told, “you’ll need to speak with the specific program you’re interested in.”  A lot of the time throughout that process I wondered if it would even be worth it.  It’s been three weeks since I applied and I haven’t heard back, and I have called.  I’m not feeling like that’s the route to take, basically it’s coming loud and clear.

There hasn’t been a whisper to that yet.

The last whisper I’m hearing is to walk away and give myself to my faith.  But in what capacity?  My church is looking for an Adult Faith Formation coordinator.  I checked into the time requirements of this position and it requires some regular business hour office time.  I would love nothing more than to take this on and help my fellow parishioners in their faith journey.  Unfortunately my M-F job doesn’t allow for me to take that on.  I have offered my time to help on other ways with that ministry though.  I haven’t seen any paying positions come across my eyes to lead me to believe that I’m supposed to take that direction.  This is the place that I feel the most fulfillment though.  When I participate in volunteer opportunities through the Knights of Columbus there is no greater feeling.  It’s something that doesn’t happen when I do volunteer activities for Scouts or in my community.  I still do those, but mainly because my child is involved and nobody else will step up.

There hasn’t been a whisper to that yet.

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So I’ve begun to spend more time in prayer, it’s the only think I know I can do that will help.  When Lent started I added some prayers.  I spent a Saturday afternoon at a Men’s conference with some of the other men from my church.  That has lead to me breaking down and attending the 6 A.M. Saturday morning men’s prayer group.  From there I have begun adding hourly prayers throughout the day.  Those just started over the last few days.  All they have done is make me realize that I need to find a way to get the noise out of my life so I can hear whisper.  Strengthening my prayer life so far seems to be what the whisper is telling me right now.

It’s hard to be patient in this me first, instant gratification world.  But it’s what I must do in order to be the best husband, father, and man that I can.

This Post is a Do-Over

February 19, 2018 v5 p6

I had almost an entire post written last Friday about the mass shooting in Florida, I put it to bed for the night with the intent of writing the couple of paragraphs on Saturday.  Then I saw some social media posts and decided against it, here’s why.

If you’ve been following along with me lately you know I’ve been on a faith journey.  I don’t hide any of that.  I’m pretty open about it.  I’m willing to talk to people about it.  I’ve probably shared a lot deeper part of my life than most people are willing to.  All of this has lead me down a path that has proven to be a major transformation.  I mentioned earlier in the year that I wasn’t setting any resolutions, but that I had a pretty big goal for myself, to become a stronger person.  That includes in my faith, my family life, my professional life, and my public life.  This is something I have to do for all of the people listed in there, and for myself.

Last fall I had lunch with a friend.  We’ve only known each other for a couple of years, but sitting down to a meal with this man is kind of like sitting down with someone I’ve known far longer.  He presented me with a book that he had acquired an extra copy of, “Kill the Spider” by Carlos Whittaker.  This is the story of the author’s journey through some intense therapy.  One of the stories early on is about how his father explains that if you have cobwebs to clear out of your mind, you have to kill the spider, or the cobwebs will just comeback.  This hit home.  I started to reflect on my past and how I had ended up where I was.  I could see that I was just doing exactly that.  I would move on from one issue and not clear up the cause for that issue.  I was running away.  I still haven’t identified what that spider is so I can work on killing it, but I’m much more aware of what’s going on in my own mind.

A few years back my wife and I started a Christmas tradition of giving only four gifts from Santa, this was when our youngest was still a believer.  In order to keep spending down we gave gifts that were “Something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read.”  This year my wife found a book for me that was similar to that last one I mentioned, “Killing Kryptonite,” by John Bevere.  This book has really transformed me.  It points out how a person can put the things they want in front of what He wants for us.  When we do that it weakens us, like kryptonite weakens Superman, and if we continue it will eventually kill us.

Every time you are putting your wants and desires in front of His you are committing a sin.  The more you sin, the more you die.  It may not be physical death, but you begin to stop being what it was He designed you for.  This is just like in Genesis 3:4, But the snake said to the woman: “You certainly will not die!”  While not a physical death, Adam and Eve were no longer allowed to stay in the garden, no longer allowed to receive the gift God had given them.  It certainly isn’t the easiest thing to do, but I have to try.  I have to change my ways so I can be a better disciple, become a saint, help my wife get to heaven, be a better husband and father, and be a better man.

How does this apply to the tragedy in Florida on Ash Wednesday?  The more our society takes God out of its view, the more this type of thing will happen.  As I’ve written before, there has been a trend away from modesty.  There has been a trend toward doing what it is that we want.  The more those trends start to become the normal situation, the more we tend to slip.  We’re on a very slippery slope, and momentum is starting to take us down.

There have been a lot of “solutions” that I’ve been seeing going around social media of late.  Some of them have some merit.  It’s pretty obvious that our current system to vet gun ownership is broken.  I’m not calling for a total ban of guns, that would be worse than the current state of affairs.  However, there must be changes.  It can’t be as easy as it is for almost anyone to get their hands on a weapon.  Another argument is that it isn’t the fault of the AR-15 rifle that was used in the shooting.  While technically correct, you have to ask if a rifle designed to look like a fully automatic military machine gun is something that needs to be made available to the public.  These guns are not being bought for hunting.  Yes, responsible owners are buying them for personal protection.  I have to ask the question though, if it’s this specific rifle being used in the mass shootings, is it necessary?

There is a vast amount of arguments that could be made on either side of this case, but when it boils down to it there is really only one way to go about handling it.  As a society we must be better to each other.  We cannot attack each other for our differences of opinion.  Positing and arguing on social media accomplishes nothing.  You aren’t going to change any one’s mind, you’re only going to make others upset and cause yourself a lot of wasted time trying to defend yourself against others.  That goes on until something else shiny comes along and grabs your attention.  Then all of the outrage starts up again when the next tragedy happens.  Unless you’re willing to take action by helping to hold our elected officials accountable to their constituents instead of the PACs, you’re not doing anything.  Openly mocking the beliefs of your fellow humans on social media doesn’t make your point any more right or wrong than anyone else.  All it does is prove that you’re aren’t as open minded as you claim to be.

In the meantime we can all use a little less kryptonite and a lot more love.  From the Gospel reading today in Matthew 25:40 we are reminded “Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.”

This Post is Spartan

January 26, 2017 v5 p4

I really don’t know where to start.

I’m at a loss for words.

I’ve tuned in to tonight’s Michigan State University Men’s Basketball game, and on most evenings that wouldn’t really be much of a shock.  Even though my personal allegiances are more for Michigan I enjoy watching college basketball, even if it is my favorite team’s biggest rival.  Under normal circumstances I probably would have tuned into this game tonight anyway because there isn’t really any good programming on television on a Friday night in January.  Tonight isn’t normal circumstances.

I don’t think the old normal will ever return.

The news that comes out of East Lansing at this time of year is usually about the basketball team.  Most often it involves their results on the court.  While the team is in the news as usual, the coach and a larger part of the university have been dominating the national headlines for the past couple of weeks.  With the sentencing hearing of Larry Nassar taking the brightest spot on the stage, a different focus is being put on the school.  I don’t think this is anything that anyone on the banks of the Red Cedar wanted, or expected.

Unfortunately it’s what they face.

The amount of fall out from the Larry Nassar case has been pretty big.  I don’t think it’s over, nor to do I think it will be over any time soon.  Here’s a quick rundown of what’s happened in the last week.  One of the members of the Board of Trustees released a statement last weekend that he was personally withdrawing his support of President Lou Anna Simon.  Larry Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 150 years in prison, one year for each victim to file a police report on Wednesday afternoon.  A couple of hours later President Simon resigned according to the terms of her contract.  This came among growing public outcry for her to be dismissed by the Board of Trustees.  Today Athletic Director Mark Hollis retired, also among growing calls for his firing.  Shortly after that announcement ESPN’s investigative reporting team released a story detailing a culture of cover-up on the Michigan State campus.  Reports started flying that head football coach Mark Dantonio and head basketball coach Tom Izzo would retire within a week.  Reputable sources and Mark Dantonio himself have since refuted those claims.

This is just the list of people involved from the school.  There is a growing list of agencies who will embark on their own investigation of the school.  These include the U.S Congress, the U.S. Department of Education, the State of Michigan Attorney General, and the NCAA.  The Big Ten Conference has announced that they will be closely monitoring all of these investigations.  The Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, announced today that he will look into whether or not there the Board of Trustees acted properly through this whole ordeal.  It would be my guess that before this is all said and done there will be a few law enforcement agencies joining in to do their own investigations.  This story isn’t going to go away for a while.

While this tragedy at Michigan State may be heinous, it certainly isn’t new.  It was only two short years ago when the Baylor University football program went through a similar situation.  The university had been found to have failed to take action in multiple sexual assault cases.  In 2011 Penn State went through a scandal of its own.  This involved the sexual assault of several boys by former football assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.  In the Penn State and Baylor case there were multiple people involved in covering up these assaults.  This is what the initial investigation at Michigan State will begin with.  Who knew what and when.  So far we have heard that the first victim of Nassar to report assault to a university official occurred in 1997.  The ESPN OTL group has discovered that a lot of assaults were not properly investigated.  I don’t think we’ve heard everything from them.

These stories are all tragic, but I don’t think that this is the end.  I don’t mean just for these three schools.  I mean for this topic.  I believe that this type of activity and cover-up is happening on campuses all around the nation.  While reading through comments on social media this afternoon I saw a few from people who were athletes at the collegiate level that mentioned they had heard of similar activities happening at their schools.  The one that mentioned which school was from a smaller Division I, or Group of 5, conference schools.  This leads to the question of how much beyond the Michigan State/Baylor/Penn State incidents does this investigation need to go?  It seems to me that it needs to touch all of the schools.  While that would be expensive and time-consuming, if we are to have any hope of ever stopping this type of thing, it has to happen.

So how did we get to this point?  If you read my last post you probably already have an insight into what I think.  This is a classic example of how people are getting their priorities all out of line.  The football programs at all of these universities are major money makers.  As the saying goes, money is the root of all evil.  When you make money your number one priority it becomes very easy to compromise your morals and integrity.  When you excuse behavior because those people generated a lot of revenue for your school or business, then you are no less guilty than the people who performed the initial act.

I would prefer that this investigation goes beyond just Michigan State University.  I know that may result in findings that could involve my favorite team.  It’s much more important that the evil actions that are taking place are stopped and the victims are allowed to heal.  It would be a greater tragedy for there to be another case like that of Larry Nassar.  I would hope that one would never get to the level that his case did, but if we aren’t willing to take the necessary steps to correct things now, we will most certainly end up with another one of these tragedies.

The only way to stop this problem is to expose those who are committing these crimes.  Everyone can do their part by stopping this type of behavior in their personal lives.  When you see others do it, stop them.  The time of inaction for whatever fear has to end.  We won’t be able to get past any of this if we don’t change ourselves.

It’s tragic and disgusting what has been happening in East Lansing and Hollywood.  I hope this trend of no longer being silent spreads and continues.