There are a few personal and professional development bloggers/writers that I like to follow.  I’ve chosen them for their insights, leadership, knowledge, and track record.  I subscribe to their blogs, some daily and some weekly, and start my work day by spending 15 minutes reading their posts.  This puts me in the right mindset for the rest of the day.  There are many others out there like these, but here’s my list;

Jon Acuff – Writer, Blogger, Queso lover.  Jon has formed an incredible following of people who support each other in whatever they are working on through social media.  I’ve belonged to his private group since early 2014.  I have been introduced to more people who are like-minded, both locally and around the country.  You can start to follow his blog here.

Darren Hardy – Writer, Entrepeneur, Publisher of Success Magazine.  Darren has quickly become my favorite source for my development.  His book “The Compound Effect” really hammered home what I thought was what I needed to be doing all along, just keep doing it.  He has a couple of different sources I follow, the first is his blog, and second is daily motivation videos.  I find both of them helpful.

Michael Hyatt – Writer, Blogger, Former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing.  Michael Hyatt has helped me learn how to expand my blog.  He has great insight into how the blogging world works, and with well over 500,000 followers, he has the results to back it up.  Michael Hyatt also speaks about setting and achieving goals, having developed some pretty in-depth goal setting programs.  Here’s how you can subscribe to his blog.

John Maxwell – Writer, Leader, Professional Development guru.  John C. Maxwell is considered by many to be the foremost expert on professional development and leadership.  He has published more than 30 books on the subject, so someone must think he’s doing something right.  You can find inspiration from him by clicking on this link.

Simon Sinek – Author.  I get a daily email from Simon.  Sometimes it’s one sentence, but it’s never more than three or four.  It is always inspiring or thought-provoking.  You can receive them too or subscribe to his blog at

Ron Alvesteffer – Leader, Blogger, President of Service Express.  Ron is more than just the head of the company I work for, he is a leader in developing people in to more than what they thought they could be.  Get some insight in to part of why I love my job so much by checking out his blog at

The Bible – Timeless, Has an answer for anything you can imagine.  I’ve recently returned to my faith and have recently found strength from it.  A quick google search of “The Bible” returns 157 million results.  Find one that suits your beliefs.

Mom and Dad – My Parents.  If you were lucky enough to know my parents, you know what kind of people they were.  I try my best to model myself after what they taught me.  I can only hope to be an inspiration to others, as they were to me.

So there you have it.  There are others I follow on a smaller basis, but are no less important to who I am trying to become.  Feel free to let me know if there’s more I should check out.


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